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Shotcrete Tunnel Costa Rica

The Cachi hydro power plant project is an extension of the existing plant with the aim to produce more electricity power. For this it was necessary to build a 6 km tunnel from the reservoir to the hydro power plant station for installing a high pressure water pipeline.

Caldecott 4th Bore

Project Name:  Caldecott 4th Bore Location: California, USA Application: Sprayed Concrete Lining (Shotcrete) The Caldecott Fourth Bore Project is a 1,030m long, 15.2m wide, US$420 million highway tunnel in the San Francisco Bay Area owned by the California Department...

La Confluencia Hydropower Scheme

Project Name:   La Confluencia Hydropower Scheme Location: Rio Tinguiririca, Chile Application: Sprayed Concrete La Confluencia Hydroelectric plant is high up in the Andes mountains at an altitude of 1,430m and approximately 220 km south-east of Santiago. The...

Mt Ovit Road Tunnel

Project Name:   Mt Ovit Road Tunnel Location: Turkey Application: Sprayed Concrete Lining (Shotcrete) The twin tube Mt Ovit tunnel is Turkey’s longest road tunnel at 14,700m. By linking the Black Sea with Turkeys eastern regions and the rest of the Middle East this...

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