Bintulu Samalaju Port

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Bintulu Samalaju Port




Sarawak, Malaysia


Precast concrete Tetrapods for coastal protection

Advantages and Benefits

Synthetic fibres provided an high cost savings in terms of construction timings and transport materials, as well as a notable reduction in CO2 emissions.


Mighty Shield


Dunamis Macro PP Fibres

Tetrapods are placed to protect coastal harbors from waves and coastal erosion. Synthetic fibres since are a corrosion free technology, are considered the best solution for this type of elements, reinforcing the concrete with a three-dimensional dispersion and guarantying an higher durability.

Macro synthetic fibres do not corrode and are always a suitable solution for concrete applications in contact with the sea, exposed to water salt or aggressive environments.

  • Bintulu Samalaju Port
  • Bintulu Samalaju Port
  • Bintulu Samalaju Port
  • Bintulu Samalaju Port

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