Emergency Exit Tunnel Crapteig

Project name

Emergency Exit Tunnel Crapteig




Thusis, Switzerland


Shotcrete, initial protection layer & permanent inner lining

Advantages and Benefits

The CO2 footprint could be reduced 2-fold:
– by the removal of 82 tons of steel which represents around 48 tons of CO2 per 1000 m of tunnel;
– by the reduction of the sprayed concrete quantity needed for filling the voids of the uneven excavation surface and covering the steel mesh.


Contec Fiber AG


Concrix ES

The construction of the 2036 m long road emergency exit tunnel “Crapteig” started in 2018 and finished in 2022.

The inner cast-in-place steel mesh reinforced concrete lining was replaced by a macro synthetic fibre reinforced sprayed concrete with 5,0 kg/m3 of macro synthetic fibres.

The initial protection sprayed shotcrete and the new inner sprayed concrete were executed in on go which enabled an increase of construction pace from 16 m/week to 24 m/week, hence 50%.

  • Emergency Exit Tunnel Crapteig
  • Emergency Exit Tunnel Crapteig
  • Emergency Exit Tunnel Crapteig

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