Fatzer AG – steel ropes production hall

Project name

Fatzer AG – steel ropes production hall




Romanshorn, Switzerland


In situ concrete – industrial slabs

Advantages and Benefits

  • Economical solution compare with alternative steel reinforcement
  • No corrosion
  • No early shrinkage cracks
  • Joint-less or cutting joint solution possible


Contec Fiber


Concrix ES

Economical and technical alternative to conventional double layer steel reinforcement is a macrofiber reinforced concrete slab. Calculation based on latest European standards and the good performance of the bi-component synthetic fiber guarantee a long life existing industrial slab which reduces maintenance works and costs for the clients.

Especially the joint-less solution with field sizes up to 35 x 30 m
In combination with steel joint profiles helps a lot for reducing maintenance costs.
This slab was made for loadings up to 52 tons heavy ropes bobbins. Thickness is 26 cm and field size made with 23 x 20 m.

  • Fatzer AG – steel ropes production hall

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