Lixouri Port

Project name

Lixouri Port




Kefalonia, Greece


Expansion and reconstruction

Advantages and Benefits

  • Reduction or total replacement of conventional reinforcement in ground slabs
  • Higher load bearing capacity and ductility
  • Less shrinkage cracks at the early stage
  • Better cohesion for fresh concrete
  • Increased resistance against abrasion
  • Protection against freeze and thaw cycles
  • Faster completion of the project, as grid placement work is not required
  • Lower project costs due to reduced material and labor costs




Sika Fiber

The port repair imposes strict requirements, as such construction is exposed to particularly aggressive environments. The use of synthetic macro fibres was proposed to be incorporated in the concrete mix, as their use offers immense benefits.

The macro fibres were incorporated in the properly designed concrete mix at a dosage of 2,5kg/m3.
One of the most important advantages is that synthetic fibres limit cracking formation and they produce a concrete that requires considerably less steel reinforcement than a conventional reinforced concrete, but it is still as durable if not more.

The use of fibres in concrete slabs in general significantly reduces shrinkage at an early stage and assists in the stability of the mixture. The fibres also result in improved flexural strength and increased impact resistance. As a result, the reinforcement can be reduced and the distance between the required joints increased. The fibres also help reduce the brittleness of the edges of the construction. Therefore, the durability of the floors produced with reinforced concrete is considerably increased.

  • Lixouri Port
  • Lixouri Port
  • Lixouri Port
  • Lixouri Port

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