What is Macro Synthetic Fibre Concrete Reinforcement

What is Macro Synthetic Fibre Concrete Reinforcement?

Macro Synthetic Fibre (MSF) is modern concrete reinforcement used as crack control and structural reinforcement in concrete.

Fibres have been used for thousands of years in mortar construction. With the latest manufacturing techniques, we can take modern synthetic materials and turn them into highly engineered short fibres which act like small reinforcement bars in concrete. Dependent on the application these fibres range in length from 30 to 65 mm.

Macro synthetic fibres are defined in EN 14889 – Part 2 Fibres for concrete – Definitions, specifications and conformity and are broadly classified into two Classes.

Class I: Micro Fibre <0.30mm in diameter are fine hair like fibres typically between 6mm and 12mm in length. Micro synthetic fibres do not provide any post crack ductility. They do not control cracking of hardened concrete and cannot be used in lieu of other reinforcement. They cannot be considered in the structural design of concrete.

Class II: Macro Fibre >0.30mm in diameter are short discreet elements (like a tooth pick) and typically between 30mm and 65mm long. Macro synthetic fibres increase the ductility of concrete, improving the post-cracking capacity and can be used as the sole reinforcement in many concrete structures.

Micro Synthetic Fibre

Macro Synthetic Fibre

Why Choose Macro Synthetic Fibre?

Traditionally when we think of concrete reinforcement we think of steel bars or mesh. It’s a ubiquitous concept over 100 years old, steel and concrete, two materials that work seamlessly together. But do they really, or have we just not considered if there’s a better option?

Concrete cracks and steel corrodes. It’s a given. The solution; use more concrete as cover, increase the design performance, use more expensive steel. Today our designs are more focussed on protecting the materials used than they are on the actual requirements of the structure. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming and it still doesn’t solve the problem.

Let’s look at the modern alternative.

Where Can I Use Macro Synthetic Fibre?

If you’ve got concrete, MSF can reinforce it. MSF is used for primary reinforcement, secondary reinforcement, seismic prevention and impact protection just to name a few. I can be used as the sole reinforcement or in combination with steel reinforcement. Common applications include;

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