Nagyerdei Stadium Grandstand Seating

Project Name:   Nagyerdei Stadium Grandstand Seating

Location: Debrecen, Hungary

Application: Precast Concrete

In 2014 construction of the new 20,340 seat Nagyerdei Stadium in Hungary was completed. The stadium is the second largest in the country and home to the Debrecen VSC foot club.

Due to time and cost constraints, precast concrete elements were chosen for the stadium seating design. The load bearing structure of the stadium consists of precast pinned frames with 7.5 m long tribune and ribbed floor elements. The grandstand consists of more than 400 different types of elements with a total of 11,000 m2 surface.

Originally, the grandstand elements were designed with mild reinforcement and with a 22 cm thick slab under the stairs. However, the weight and cost of this solution proved unworkable. The solution was to use prestressed strands in combination with macro synthetic fibre reinforcement. This design reduced slab thickness to 12 cm and eliminated using stirrups, reducing labour time during production of the precast elements.


  • Reduced concrete element thickness from 22 cm to 12 cm
  • Increased production speeds of precast seating elements
  • Reduces element weight to within safe design levels

Author:  Geoff Sedgman:

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