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Brisbane Cross River Rail Shotcrete Lining




Brisbane, Australia


Shotcrete lining

Advantages and Benefits

Amongst other outcomes, the use of synthetic fibres improved shotcrete durability and enabled a reduction in carbon footprint.


BarChip Inc.


BarChip Macro Synthetic Fibre

Brisbane’s Cross River Rail tunnel project stands as a transformative infrastructure project poised to redefine Brisbane’s transportation network in the run up to the 2032 Olympics. The 10.2 km, $6.3 billion project comprises 5.9 km twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and 4 new underground stations.

The approximately 3.6 km northern drive of the tunnels was excavated by TBM, while the remaining 2.3 km was excavated by road header. The road header excavation included the southern tunnel drives as well as the station caverns and pedestrian tunnels, all of which used a macro synthetic fibre reinforced primary shotcrete lining for initial ground support. This marked the first time in Australia that macro synthetic fibre has been used in the driven tunnels of a commuter rail line and underscores the confidence industry has in synthetic fibre reinforcement.

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