Project name

Palo Verde Wastewater Reclamation Facility Expansion




USA, Maricopa, Arizona


Concrete slab on ground

Advantages and Benefits

Construction and drying shrinkage joints were eliminated in totality, thereby eliminating the need of all water stops. The use of fibers also reduced the total slab construction time by an estimated minimum of 5 days.


Master Builders Solution


MasterFiber MAC MAtrix

In April of 2017, MBS provided an engineered slab solution that could reduce the number of construction and contraction joints, eliminate steel bar reinforcement, and control concrete cracking induced by temperature and drying shrinkage for a water clarifying system being constructed in the city of Maricopa, Arizona. Three 65-ft (19.8-m) diameter, high-performance concrete slabs were successfully constructed utilizing a fiber-reinforced concrete system at a dosage rate of 7.5 lbs/yd3 (4.4 kg/m3). Concrete slab floor pour time was reduced from a minimum of two separate pours to one single, monolithic pour. In addition to increased concrete placement efficiency, all secondary steel reinforcement was removed.

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