Roundabout, concrete road construction

Project Name:   Roundabout, concrete road construction

Location: City of Stein, Switzerland

Application: In situ concrete – road construction

In Switzerland in the last few years almost all roundabouts have been rebuilt from asphalt into concrete construction, due to regular renovation of rut formation inside the asphalt layer. It has shown during the execution of these measures that necessary conventional steel reinforcement isn’t easy to handle and mounting on site. It was time consuming to mount the steel bars and meshes in segments according to the geometry of the roundabout.

For easier and more economical working a macrofiber reinforced concrete solution was appreciated. Remove of the steel reinforcement and reduction of the concrete thickness were the economic benefits. Furthermore technical benefits like early shrinkage crack stop, no corrosion, freeze and de-icing salt resistance and a better abrasion solid surface resulted by using the macrofiber solution.


  • Economical solution compare with alternative steel reinforcement
  • No corrosion
  • No early shrinkage cracks
  • Freeze and de-icing salt resistant
  • Abrasion solid surface

Author:  Robert Bader

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