Szeged Track Slab

Project name

Szeged Electrified Tramway




Szeged, Hungary


Concrete Track Slab

Advantages and Benefits

  • Removed stray current risk from the electrified track
  • Solved issues with installation of cage reinforcement within track formwork
  • Improved crack control with the ballast slab
  • Eliminated the risk of corrosion


BarChip Inc.


BarChip 48

In August 2008, the Hungarian Government approved the 100 million Euro upgrade to the Szeged electric tram public transport network. Upgrades included the rehabilitation of 18.3 km of tram track and the construction of 4.8 km of new tram track.

The tram lines were originally designed with a traditional rail pad system, however, concerns over durability, costs, stray current and construction time resulted in the contractor (SzKT) ordering the designs changed to a synthetic fiber reinforced track slab system, making it the first project of its kind in Europe.

The design used for the Szeged tram lines are usable in all types of flexible supported tracks and traditional superstructures. The structures can be built with macro synthetic fiber reinforcement with any type of pavement, traffic volumes and road traffic up to 10-11t permissible axle load.

  • Szeged Track Slab
  • Szeged Track Slab
  • Szeged Track Slab
  • Szeged Track Slab

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