Tallinn Tramline

Concrete Track Slab

Project Name:   Tallinn Tramline

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Application: Concrete Track Slab

For the 16km long expansion of the Tallinn Tramline, Adfil introduced Macro Synthetic Fibres as a primary concrete reinforcement to replace the original design with steel reinforcement.

The concrete railway slab enables grass to be growing between and along the rails, and so create a green belt around the city of Tallinn.

A design calculation with a professional indemnity insurance was offered to project owner for the slab under the tracks. In this way problems regarding costs, durability, stray currents and construction time were avoided.


  • The use of FRC reduces the labour time and related costs enormously. Because the reinforcement arrives on site mixed in the concrete.
  • Improved Health and Safety because no handling, cutting and fixing of steel mesh is required
  • No stray currents due to the absence of ferromagnetic particles in MSFRC
  • Increased durability as synthetic fibres do not rust

Author:  Jeroen Smet – Jeroen.smet@lowandbonar.com

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