The White Road

Project name

The white road




Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul Metrobusline – Concrete road

Advantages and Benefits

  • Improved durability: synthetic fibres promise a longer road lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and disruptions.
  • Installation efficiency: synthetic fibres speed up installation, allowing to reopen the road within 36 hours.


Kordsa (Kratos Reinforcement)


Kratos Macro PP54+

Istanbul’s Metrobus line connecting Europe and Eurasia faced persistent issues due to heavy axle loads and temperature-related wear. The “White Road project”, spanning 112 km with two lanes in each direction, aimed to replace asphalt with an overlay of synthetic FRC to enhance load capacity and road lifespan.

The use of traditional reinforcement was impractical due to frequent Metrobus traffic, so synthetic fibres were considered a perfect alternative of reinforcement, providing the main advantages.

The ‘White Road’ project is a major milestone in Istanbul’s transportation, showcasing FRC’s benefits in durability, efficiency, and sustainability.

  • The White Road
  • The White Road
  • The White Road
  • The White Road

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