Two Towns Trail

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Two Towns Trail




Victoria, Australia


General Paving


  • Reduced construction time by eliminating steel mesh set-up time
  • Eliminated the risk of corrosion
  • Decreased construction difficultly by removing the need to transport mesh to remote locations


BarChip Inc.



In 2006 the Drouin bike path was identified by VicRoads as a state development need. It was designed as a traffic commuter path to allow a high volume of walkers and riders to transit between and within the two towns.

The project was delivered in two stages. Stage one was a 1km section from the Drouin Civic Park joining the trail to the existing wetlands development. Stage two runs from Lardners Track Drouin to Latrobe St Rotary Park Warragul where the trail meets with the existing Warragul Linear Trail. The project was completed in the middle of 2009.

The trail is a 3 m wide, 7.5 km concrete path, including approximately 300 metres of boardwalk. The project cost of $1.5 million was funded by VicRoads.
Structural Macro Synthetic Fibre was chosen to replace steel crack control mesh reinforcement due to the cost savings, the ease of use and the time saved by not having to transport and set up traditional reinforcement.

  • Two Towns Trail
  • Two Towns Trail
  • Two Towns Trail
  • Two Towns Trail

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